A school safety response guide has been developed for the district by the Oscoda County Sheriff’s Department, the Fairview Area School Administration, and the Transportation Supervisor.  Each group involved has a copy of the plan.  The Sheriff’s Department has a copy of the school’s floor plan as well as a copy of the evacuation plan.  For safety purposes, details of this evacuation plan are shared only with the Transportation Supervisor, Sheriff’s Department and School Administration.


The fire alarm will signal a concern.

1.   Immediately evacuate the building

2.   Take the student roster.

3.   Return to the building after the all-clear signal has been given.


An announcement will come over the P.A. system.  Rooms that do not have a P.A. system will be contacted by phone.

1.   Escort students to the assigned area.

2.   Students sit on the floor facing the wall.

3.   Take the student roster.

4.   Return to the rooms when directed.

Radio/Television Channels

The following are radio and television stations that are contacted for school delays or closings or any other emergency.

WWTV - channel 9, Cadillac
WBKB - channel 11, Alpena
WPBN - channel 7 & 4, Traverse City
WFOX - channel Fox 33
WGTU - channel 29

WAVE - 107.7
WUPS - 98.5
WAVC - 93.9
WLXT - 96.3
WCML - 91.7
WATZ - 99.3
WPHN - 90.5
WJKC - 104.7
WKBK - 106.7
WGRY - 100.3